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After a busy week at work, we were staying at the Art Pension dans le Parc in the metropolis of Central Slovakia as a deserved reward. The trip from Bratislava to Banska Bystrica was still a difficult week, as it was accompanied by a bad weather in winter. It was snowing a few days before, and Banská Bystrica was one of the places where snowfall was more than anywhere else.

But the true winter atmosphere did not bother us at all, but on the contrary, we welcomed it. We parked on the icy surface of the parking lot in the grounds of the guesthouse, lined with ragged snow. The guesthouse, reminiscent of a well-kept larger family house, was beautifully lit up and its surroundings tastefully complemented by various objects, from small conifers in flower pots to large metal candles. The front door was closed, so we rang. Unlock us came the smiling owner of the pension, who welcomed us and handed us the keys from the room, did not leave us unnecessary paperwork, it left the next day. We were delighted to be able to sit in our room number three on the first floor and go to the city center, which was less than ten minutes away at a leisurely pace.

Our accommodation in the attic consisted of two rooms – a bedroom with a double bed and a second, a smaller room with a sofa and a table.

In the bedroom, besides the aforementioned bed, there was a cabinet with cups, mineral water and candles. We found data on the free wifi in the photo frame. Next to the standing mini-refrigerator on which the kettle was placed, two cups, teas and instant coffee. He did not miss a TV table with a TV that could be watched in twenty Slovak and Czech programs.

The double bed was large enough, the mattress was of a high quality, harder, and one bed of memory foam was stretched over both beds. For a somewhat welcome aid, I personally prefer a hard base, due to my back pain, specifically platters.

In the corridor there was a wardrobe with blankets, a hallway and a bathroom with a spacious shower. There you have found, in addition to pure dusky bath towels, two-in-one shower gel, which is a short-haired shampoo and a “shower” in one package.

From our guesthouse, we rebounded for two hours at the Banská Bystrica square, where we enjoyed the atmosphere of the Christmas markets and enjoyed the beautiful decoration reminiscent of the inevitable arrival of Christmas. We went to the square in one of the attractive businesses to have dinner and enjoy the quality beer. The nice experience was nice people, both in the square and in the restaurant.

When we mention the kind people we are shooting in Banska Bystrica, the owner of the Art guest is clearly the same. She cared for us really, and in the morning she enjoyed us with a royal breakfast in a pleasant little dining room that breathed good food and art on the walls. Basically, the whole guest house hangs picturesque paintings on the walls or photos in a number of photo frames that enhance the home atmosphere.

Back to breakfast. We were waiting for a pre-set table, and we would like to say that a fairy-tale table is over. The cups with orange juice, a plate of fresh vegetables, a bowl of pepperoni-mayonnaise salad, a basket of fresh crunchy pastries (I really care for), hard eggs, butter, and the owner brought us a plate of chopped ham, salami, cheese and tasty quality espresso. Still smiling.

On the side table was a quality tea – black, green, white, fruity, herbaceous, from the world’s inventions, yoghurts, nuts, and many other products we could taste. The Elan band was playing in the background loudspeakers behind the sunshine, behind the windows. Beautiful morning, even thanks to the owner of the guesthouse.

We left a few words when we left, and we learned that the pension is essentially self-sufficient, but only a mummy. Hat down. I have to say that I can see and feel the love for work, the pension in which the owner lives.

If you want to feel comfortable in Banská Bystrica as well as we do, we recommend the care and pleasant atmosphere of your home at Art Pension dans le Parc.


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